Model 66 Transmitter Controller


Spec Sheet

The Model 66 Transmitter Controller connects to a radio-paging transmitter and allows the transmitter to be remotely controlled from a central paging terminal. The Model 66 recognizes the site address, selects the modulation mode (analog or digital), keys up the transmitter, and transmits the audio or digital data.

Multiple transmitters can be synchronized, dual-frequency transmitters can be controlled, and four link “hops” are allowed. The Model 66 is FLEX™ 1600 bps and Motorola PURC® compatible. The Model 66 is also recommended for in-plant applications where a single transmitter is located more than 30 feet from the terminal.

Product Features and Configuration
  • Motorola PURC compatible
  • Signals terminal when channel is clear
  • Optional zone selection and sequencing
  • Optional simulcast-delay synchronizes transmitters
  • Optional second address controls dual-frequency transmitter
  • Optional link controller version allows link “hops”

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