Model 640 DAPT XTRA


Spec Sheet

The DAPT-XTRA is a combined dial access and PC driven paging terminal supporting up to 1,500 users with up to 4 telephone lines for direct user access or for connection to local or remote data entry terminals. PC software is also available. Callers dial into the Model 640 and hear voice prompts leading them through the system operation. Voice pages and numeric or prestored alphanumeric messages may be sent from the telephone.

The Model 640 can service all input ports simultaneously for higher traffic applications, sending out pages in user priority. This dial access and PC-driven paging terminal supports up to 1,500 users with up to four telephone lines. Voice pages and numeric or prestored alphanumeric messages may be sent by telephone.

Because the Model 640 DAPT-XTRA supports voice paging, voice prompts, and talkback paging, it is ideal for hospitals and public safety organizations that have emergency response teams. Complete messages can be conveyed without an operator typing in a message.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Basic 2 telephone inputs, expandable to 4
  • Choice of telephone interface
  • Alphanumeric input via integrated modem and/or RS-232 port
  • 280 seconds pooled voice storage for system voice prompts and voice messaging
  • Remote transmitter control up to 16 zones
  • Comprehensive programming software for remote system management and on-screen programming and diagnostics
  • All standard analogue and digital paging format included
  • Tone, Tone and Voice, Numeric paging, including 2-tone, 5/6-tone, FLEX™, POCSAG, and Golay formats
  • Call logging and performance statistics
  • Optional dial click decoder for pulse telephone systems

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