Model 45B ZPatch


Spec Sheet

The Zetron Model 45B is a microprocessor-based radio-to-telephone interconnect. It’s designed to provide flexible operation as a full-featured telephone patch with selective calling, ANI decode, and advanced airtime billing features.

The Model 45B interfaces a radio system to the public telephone system for interconnected conversations. It also provides selective calling of mobile radios and pagers from the telephone system or from other mobile radios. An RS-232 serial port allows on-screen manipulation of all system and user information. Remote DTMF (Touch-Tone) programming is also supported.

The Model 45B is designed for radio common carriers, co-ops, utilities and private systems where a number of different users need to share the system yet receive different service and separate accounting.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Simplex, half- and full-duplex operation
  • 99 or 325 separate users
  • Standard RS-232 serial port and internal modem
  • Remote access from CRT, computer, phone, or radio
  • Two telephone line inputs with auto-line select
  • One local telephone input for local phone or DID
  • Calling restrictions/privileges per user
  • Compatible with rotary telephone (dial-click)
  • User and system database in nonvolatile memory
  • DTMF ANI decode and validation
  • Seven ringing sounds for mobile alerts
  • Nine system speed-dial numbers
  • Regenerated DTMF (Touch-Tone) or pulse dialing
  • Sense inputs for monitoring external equipment
  • Relays for remote-control of external equipment
  • Remote diagnostics via modem
  • Options include paging formats, DID converter, call-accounting, voice prompts, dial click decoder, and radio specific cables

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