Model 427 Peripheral Equipment Interface


Spec Sheet

To support direct connection of MAP27 peripheral equipment to Zetron’s MPT1327 trunking infrastructure, the Model 427 allows up to four separate 4-wire audio connections. In addition to supporting the MAP27 data interface protocol, the Model 427 includes an extended protocol set that allows it to operate as a multi-port device and to extend the status reporting and control capabilities.

The Model 427 interfaces directly to the trunk stack (Zetron’s Model 827, Model 844, and other Model 427s). In a command and control environment, the operators can perform many functions, such as voice calls, disabling users, reassigning channels, dynamic regrouping, deleting users, and management of status messages and data calls.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Four audio and MAP27 data links
  • Open protocol for third-party peripheral development
  • Programmable monitoring points
  • Forty-eight programmable IDs
  • Real-time monitoring of dispatcher ID
  • Site status monitoring and control

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