Model 390 TETRA Digital Radio Remote Controller


Spec Sheet (MTM700/800 Interface)
Spec Sheet (Enhanced MTM800E/5400 Interface)

The Model 390 is a versatile desktop controller designed to work with the Motorola MTM700, MTM800, MTM800e and MTM5400 TETRA radios. This controller is suitable for use in public or private systems.

The radio can be placed up to 600 meters away from the controller and up to 15 controllers can be connected to one radio. This enables the radio to be placed in the best radio coverage area, away from the computer and other equipment which could be disturbed by the radiation of the radio or could interfere with the reception of the radio.

The Model 390 is ideally suited to radio operator dispatchers and where office personnel need access to a radio system without wanting to have a radio placed into the office environment.

Each unit has an individual rotary volume control, a numeric keypad and function buttons. The keypad is designed to provide fast access to all vital information. The function buttons mimic the radio, making the operation simple and intuitive for any operator familiar with the TETRA radios. LED button indicators show which functions are activated and the presence of incoming messages in the stack.

Typical information displayed includes operating mode, current call information, alarm symbols, status and data information, speed call names and received signal strength from the radio system.

The handset includes a push-to-talk press bar and a single PTT key to activate the transmit on the radio. A separate built-in speaker and microphone allows hands-free operation. Hands-free intercom between all controllers is possible in a multiple controller system. Up to 15 parallel controllers share one radio.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Desktop presentation with handset or hands-free
  • Telephone style operation
  • Emergency call can trigger alarm output
  • Intercom between operators
  • Radio calls not missed when intercom in use
  • Selected mute and automatic adjacent controller mute
  • Eliminates audio feedback
  • Secure mode disables selected parallel controllers

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