Model 284 Multi-Line Tone Remote


Spec Sheet

The Model 284 is a four-line, eight-frequency tone remote for use with popular brands of EIA-compatible base stations and repeaters.

The Model 284 has four LINE keys to allow an operator to select between up to four base stations. On each base station, the operator can further select between up to eight frequencies (F1-F8).

Each operator in a system can monitor all four base stations at once on the built-in speaker. One base station can be designated as “select” or primary audio. The audio of the other “unselect” lines can be summed at a lower volume. When necessary, the operator can mute the unselect audio and focus on the select audio. If only three base stations are being controlled, the fourth line can be used to route unselect audio out to an external speaker, achieving physical separation between select and unselect audio.

A built-in paging encoder supports 2-tone, 5-tone, pulsed tone, DTMF, alert tones, stack paging, and scroll-through page-by-name database. The Model 284 includes features to support parallel operators on the same system, such as parallel status indication, parallel function tone muting, privacy, and

The Model 284 has become a standard for hospital HEAR networks, state departments of transportation, and utilities. It’s also an ideal unit for backing-up a Zetron dispatch console.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Up to 4 base stations or repeaters
  • Controls up to 8 frequencies F1-F
  • Displays 82 text aliases for F1-F8 and 50 pagers
  • Parallel status supports multiple-remote installation
  • PC-programmable keys and functions
  • Automatic audio leveling

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