DeadBolt Lightning Surge Arrestor


Spec Sheet

The DeadBolt is a five-stage surge arrestor for installation on a telephone line. The first and second stages are a pair of fusible resistors and a gas tube. Two standard, replaceable 3AG-type fuses form the third stage. The fourth stage is a solid-state, triplebalanced SIDAC circuit. The fifth stage is a radio frequency filter.

The DeadBolt protects valuable electronic equipment like Zetron interconnects from extremely fast-rising voltage transients and severe current surges due to lightning. The DeadBolt is connected between the phone line service entrance and the user’s equipment or telephone. Due to the solidstate SIDAC circuit, the DeadBolt can withstand repetitive hits without performance degradation. Additionally, the DeadBolt suppresses UHF and VHF interference.

Product Features and Configuration
  • Protects against surges, lightning, and powerline cross
  • Suppresses line-related UHF and VHF interference
  • Withstands multiple hits without degradation
  • Fast-acting, solid-state SIDAC circuit
  • Dependable secondary protection

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