Model 6300 RoIP Gateway


Spec Sheet
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Application Note

Zetron’s RoIP (Radio-over-IP) Gateway is designed to transport analog wireline two-way radio control circuits over IP networks. Each RoIP Gateway connects to one (Model 6301) or two (Model 6302) radio circuits, and each circuit supports analog audio, binary control (PTT & COR) as well as RS-232 serial data. The analog audio is field selectable between a balanced 4-wire connection suitable for most fixed station radios, and unbalanced transmit and receive audio suitable for direct connection to most mobile radios. In many cases, a mobile radio’s programming and/or control head serial data can be transported over IP as well (contact Zetron for radio serial data compatibility). A pair of RoIP Gateways are thus able to transport one or two analog radio circuits across an IP network.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Transports voice (3-wire unbalanced or 4-wire balanced), I/O (PTT & COR) and Data (RS-232) for up to two radio circuits.
  • Handles Tone Remote Control (TRC) and Local/E&M radio circuits.
  • Remote PTT operation controlled by VOX or COR.
  • Use of TCP and Unicast UDP allows operation over standard IP networks.
  • Compatible with many IP-based RTP voice recorders.
  • Field-selectable voice compression includes PCM (64 kbps) and ADPCM (16-32 kbps).
  • Fully configurable via web browser, including all audio levels.
  • Embedded operating system, and no moving parts. Designed for harsh, unattended radio site environments.
  • Optional 1U x 19" rack mount for two units.
  • Operates from 12 Volts DC.
  • Optional direct, built-in support for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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