Spec Sheet

The Pathway+ product has been designed to provide a connection between radio infrastructure repeaters/base station and up to four console systems using the TIA P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface (DFSI) protocol. A single Pathway+ provides a pair of radio interfaces, allowing communication and control with legacy radios, via 4-Wire analog, Motorola Quantar Base Station though the v.24 interface, or modern DFSI enable radio devices. Pathway+ acts as a DFSI proxy providing arbitration and control of a radio and the multiple console systems sharing a single resource. It directs appropriate messages and handles message conflicts, overcoming the point-to-point limitations of the DFSI protocol allowing it to act as a multi-point communication device.

The Pathway+ is ideal for applications that may include console system migration, disaster recovery, backup center operation, multi-agency control while maintaining use of legacy fixed stations. This allows the same base station resource to be accessed by multiple agencies or jurisdictions. Transmissions made from any one of the console systems are passed to the connected fixed station interface and onto any other connected console system or controller.

Console systems interface to the Pathway+ via the P25 DFSI standard. This allows Pathway+ to connect with up to four console systems from any vendor’s console supporting the P25 DFSI standard. Voice streams from each console system are shared with the other console systems allowing dispatchers to monitor and participate in activities originating from other console systems. When connected to P25 radio systems the Pathway+ supports packet data transmissions, allowing features such as Key Management to be implemented.

Product Features and Configuration

  • Supports communication and control of P25 DFSI base stations, Analog 4-Wire E&M Radios, and Motorola V.24 Quantar Base Stations and infrastructure.
  • Provides connections between modern IP Command and Control faculties and legacy radio infrastructure.
  • Uses the TIA P25 Digital Fixed Station Interface protocol standard, provides a connection with any manufacturer’s dispatch console that is compliant with the TIA P25 DFSI open standard.
  • Provides connection and arbitration of up to four DFSI console systems, providing shared connections with two radio channels.
  • Easy to use local or remote web based configuration.

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