Eventide® NexLog™ Logging Recorders


Spec Sheet

Zetron’s authorized partnership with Eventide® makes it easy to utilize Eventide’s NexLog™ NG911-ready, IP-based logging recorders with Zetron’s MAX Dispatch, MAX Call-Taking, and Advanced Communications (AcomEVO) systems. NexLog recorders help you securely capture, store, retrieve, reproduce, manage, and protect critical incident interactions and data.

Industry-leading reliability and features
The NexLog suite of products records IP, VoIP SIP, E1, analog, and other common radio and telephony connections. It has a 240-channel recording capacity and includes dual, hot-swappable hard drives; secure system access; and web-based interfaces. It stores records in a SQL relational data base.

Accepts MAX Call-Taking metadata
MAX Call-Taking and NexLog recorders can be connected through a licensed IP connection that allows NexLog to record metadata in conjunction with console and line audio.

Includes logging-recorder license for MAX Dispatch
Logging-recorder licenses for MAX Dispatch are provided when a NexLog logging recorder is purchased with a MAX Dispatch console.

Provides a convenient, single-vendor solution
Zetron technical services team supports Nexlog logging recorders purchased from Zetron. This means you have only one vendor to call to resolve product or connectivity service issues.

NexLog features include:

  • Communications logging: Linux-hardened recording platforms provide multiple levels of redundancy.
  • Replay and incident-management tools: Intuitive search and replay tools help you find and export recordings quickly.
  • Instant recall: Desktop software helps call takers and dispatchers replay and confirm what they have heard or didn’t quite hear.
  • Quality control: Software allows you to score call-handling performance and identify training needs.
  • Screen capture: Allows you to document your operators’ actions and skill levels when using call-taking and dispatch tools.

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