iRIM - Intelligent Radio Interface Module


Spec Sheet

iRIM gives you access to newer radio protocols, and allows you to transition to a variety of proprietary two-way radio technologies. iRIM is compatible with a variety of dispatch consoles, including Zetron's Series 4000, VoIP Radio Dispatch System (RDS), and Acom Advanced Communication System.

The iRIM provides control over PTT, privacy code monitor, channel or talk-group selection, repeat/talk-around, and coded/clear using a console's existing tone-remote control capability. It also allows the dispatcher to see incoming PTT-IDs, Status and Emergency-IDs for consoles capable of decoding and displaying MDC-1200 signaling.

iRIM gives you control over:

  • Talk Group Select – Allows you to select outbound talk groups, privacy code monitor, repeat/talk-around, and coded/clear.
  • PTT-ID – Provides incoming PTT-IDs so dispatchers can see the source of the incoming call.
  • Emergency Call Status and ID – Provides Status and Emergency-IDs for consoles capable of decoding and displaying MDC-1200.
  • P25 Support – Allows consoles with tone-remote control to operate on P25 radios.

With iRIM, your console can display incoming FleetSync™ PTT-IDs. It also allows your dispatch equipment to work with trunked or conventional P25 systems, as well as LTR® and PassPort® trunked radio systems.

iRIM-compatible mobile radios:

  • Kenwood TK-x180
  • Kenwood TK-5710/5810
  • Kenwood NX 700/800
  • EF Johnson RS5300 and compatible variants

Radio-signaling technologies iRIM supports:

  • NXDN/Kenwood NEXEDGE™*
  • Kenwood Fleetsync
  • EF Johnson LTR
  • APCO Project 25 (P25)
  • Trident PassPort
  • Motorola ASTRO
  • Motorola SmartNet®/SmartZone®

*NEXEDGE™ is a trademark of Kenwood Corporation.

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