Integrator RD - Workstation


Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet (Spanish)

The Integrator RD radio dispatch workstation is an operator position designed for use with a Series 4000, which can be configured with up to sixteen Integrator RD workstations.

A workstation is comprised of Integrator RD radio dispatch software, a host computer, monitor, and the Model 4219 audio panel.

Integrator RD offers additional benefits associated with concurrent execution of other, well-behaved NT applications and the potential for a higher degree of functional integration.

Product Features and Configuration
  • Supports up to 48 channels — any combination of radio, telephone, intercom or public address
  • Up to 16 operating positions — may be mixed with button consoles
  • Supports conventional (mouse driven) or touchscreen operation
  • Supports networked configuration with centralized configuration file management Up to 36 channel resource icons may be presented on one screen
  • Six screen select keys allow instant call-up of previously defined screens
  • Compatible with conventional (tone, DC, E&M) and trunked wireless applications (EDACS, iDEN, MPT1327/MAP27)
  • Integral component of the Integrator Suite

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