AcomNOVUS Integrated Communication System


Spec Sheet
Broadband PTT Integration App Note

AcomNOVUS serves at the center of complex dispatch operations throughout the world. Acom generates some of the highest rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the industry.

AcomNOVUS delivers high availability, customization, interoperability, and end-to-end redundancy in an enterprise-class server architecture that supports the full use of IP technology.

More Interfaces, More Connections, More Control
Because AcomNOVUS supports more interfaces than any other system, it’s able to interoperate across equipment, departments, agencies, and jurisdictions. This gives you the vital connections you need during large-scale events and emergencies.

Support for Remote and Mobile Operations
AcomNOVUS allows you to use a laptop or tablet PC with just a USB headset to set up remote, temporary, back-up, mobile, and training positions quickly and securely. And AcomNOVUS doesn’t limit these operations to just a few channels the way other console solutions do. With AcomNOVUS, your mobile and remote operations have unlimited access to the full resource capabilities of the console system—and at a fraction of the cost of a fixed position.

AcomNOVUS Integrates with LTE Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC)
The AcomNOVUS LTE solution can be used in conjunction with radio technologies, such as TETRA, P25, and DMR. It also utilizes a carrier-integrated service rather than a proprietary PTT “over-the-top” (OTT) service because of the high levels of quality and reliability carrier-integrated PTT services are able to deliver compared to OTT PTT.

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