Radio Dispatch

Zetron radio dispatch console systems are known for their reliability, interoperability, ease of use, and configurability. Regardless of the scope and size of your operations, Zetron has a dispatch console to support them.

Zetron Radio Dispatch Systems

  • Advanced Communications (AcomNOVUS) System
    AcomNOVUS is a state-of-the art switching and multiplexing system. Its end-to-end digital architecture integrates voice (radio and telephone), data, paging, and video communications. It is easy to use, highly customizable, and supports single-site or multi-site operations. Read more.
  • MAX Dispatch
    MAX Dispatch delivers the solid performance Zetron is known for in a breakthrough, end-to-end IP-based system. It includes an intelligent user interface that simplifies operations, and end-to-end redundancy that provides a level of reliability no other IP-based console can offer. Read more.
  • Series 4000 Communication Control System
    The Series 4000 is designed for medium-sized communications centers. It offers exceptional reliability, easy programming and economical upgrades. It also allows operators to monitor and perform dispatching tasks using up to 48 radios, both conventional and trunked. Read more.
  • Model 4010 Radio Dispatch Console
    The Model 4010 Radio Dispatch Console packs more capability into a compact package than any other small console available. It supports up to 12 radio channels and 2 telephone lines. Read more.
  • DCS-5020 TETRA Digital Console System
    The DCS-5020 is designed to meet the needs of smaller control rooms and supports from 1-6 screen-based operator consoles. It combines telephony and digital TETRA and analog conventional radio control. Read more.

Zetron Radio Dispatch Gateways and Interfaces

Zetron's radio gateways and interfaces offer flexible connections between your console equipment and other systems and resources.


  • RoIP Gateways
    Zetron's Model 6300 Radio-over-IP (RoIP) Gateways provide flexible, cost-effective connections between your backroom equipment and remote radio resources. View or download Zetron Model 6300 RoIP Gateway Specification Sheet. For application information, view the RoIP Application Note.
  • Zetron's iRIM
    Zetron's Intelligent Radio Interface Module (iRIM) connects your existing system to a variety of new radio protocols and interfaces, including: Kenwood NEXEDGE® and FleetSync®; EF Johnson LTR and 5300; APCO P25; Trident PassPort; and Motorola ASTRO and SMARTNET/SmartZone. Read more.
  • Project 25 Compatibility
    USA Homeland Security funding has created a demand for interoperable solutions and APCO Project P25 (P25) migratable equipment. Zetron has played a leading role both in the development P25 standards and in the development of dispatch systems that interface with other P25-compliant equipment.

    Zetron systems that support P25 include the Advanced Communications (AcomNOVUS) System, the MAX Dispatch System, and the Series 4000 Communication Control System.
  • Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Compatibility
    As a category 1 member of the Digital Mobile Radio Association, Zetron is working with leading radio, console and network suppliers to define and develop multi-vendor open standard interfaces that include dispatch consoles. DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a globally-available open digital radio standard for Professional Mobile Radio users, developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). DMR is already supported by the DCS-5020 Digital Console System and incorporation of the latest IP based wireline DMR (Tier III) trunking interfaces to its console product range underlines Zetron’s continuing commitment to open standards interfacing, giving our customers greater choice. DMR (Tier III) will be supported on the DCS-5020, AcomNOVUS and MAX Dispatch console platforms.
  • TETRA Compatibility
    TETRA is an open standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). The TETRA standard defines a series of open interfaces, as well as services and facilities, in sufficient detail to enable independent manufacturers to develop infrastructure and terminal products that can fully interoperate with each other. TETRA is the dominant world standard - 118 countries had TETRA networks in 2009 alone.

    Zetron's AcomNOVUS and DCS-5020 TETRA systems have a strong presence in these countries and offer many key features used across different industries.