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Utilities & Resources
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Utility and energy companies must manage a host of extremely complex, mission-critical operations and processes. Most have a zero tolerance for failure or interruption. Some are spread over a wide geographical area and include remote sites. Others involve processes that must be carefully monitored to ensure the safety and security of their operations and personnel as well as the environment. Click here for a list of some of our Utilities and Resources customers.

Utilities Customers

Alliant Energy   Basin Electric   CenterPoint Energy
Convex Utility   Ergon Energy, Australia   Gorgon Project, Chevron Australia
Iberdrola   Kansas City Power & Light   Manitoba Hydro
Puget Sound Energy   Qatar Petroleum   Saudi Electric Company

Zetron Products Used in Utility and Energy Companies
Zetron radio dispatch systems provide a central command-and-control point through which utility and energy operations can:

  • Manage and coordinate schedules, work crews, safety and maintenance staff, and other field staff and operations.
  • Automatically monitor systems and process.
  • Quickly and efficiently coordinate emergency efforts if and when they are needed.
Zetron products that can be included in a comprehensive solution for utility and energy operations include:

For a complete list of Zetron products, see Products.

For more information about which Zetron products would best meet your operational requirements, contact your regional Zetron office. (See the contact information below.)