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Zetron's integrated systems have been installed in transportation communications centers throughout the world to help ensure the efficient, reliable and timely transport of people, equipment and cargo from one place to another. Click here for a list of some of our Transportation customers.

Zetron provides solutions for:

  • Airlines and airports.
  • Maritime shipping companies.
  • Harbor and port authorities.
  • Mass transit, taxis, buses and vehicle-fleet companies.
  • Rail and light-rail companies.

Transportation Customers

Air Canada   Birmingham Airport   Delta Airline
Dubai Airport   Greater Toronto Airport Authority   Hong Kong Flying Service
Long Island Railroad   Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ)   Metro North Rail
Metropolitan Transit Authority   Moscow Metro   Oslo Airport
Queensland Rail, Australia   Sydney Airport   United Airlines

Zetron Products Used in Transportation Companies
Zetron radio dispatch systems provide a central command-and-control point through which transportation companies can manage their schedules, work crews, maintenance, security routines, and any changes or challenges that might affect these activities.

Zetron products that can be included in a comprehensive solution for transportation operations include:

For a complete list of Zetron products, see Products.

For more information about which Zetron products would best meet your operational requirements, contact your regional Zetron office. (See the contact information below.)