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Zetron systems can greatly enhance communications in hospitals and other medical facilities where many tasks and operations are dispersed over a large area. They can also be used for monitoring and security purposes.

  • Two-way radio systems facilitate communications among hospital staff, ambulance personnel, and other urgent-care facilities.
  • Paging systems are used to notify doctors and nurses, emergency response teams, and other hospital staff.
  • Remote-monitoring-and-control systems notify personnel of building security issues, maintenance problems and critical equipment malfunctions.
  • SCADA/telemetry equipment is used to automate systems medical staff use to monitor status lights that appear on a panel at a central nurse's station.
  • Alarm, monitoring, and control systems provide added protection of the facilities with around-the-clock surveillance, alarm reporting, and automated control.
Zetron Products Used in Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Zetron products used to manage and coordinate operations in hospitals and other medical facilites include:

For a complete list of Zetron products, see Products.

For more information about which Zetron products would best meet your operational requirements, contact your regional Zetron office. (See the contact information below.)