Codan Limited to Acquire Zetron, Inc.

Regulatory announcement details intent to expand collective resources, solutions, and capabilities Zetron will be able to offer in public and private sector markets

Redmond, WA – March 31, 2021 – Today in an announcement to the Australian Securities Exchange, Codan Limited (Codan) unveiled preliminary details of a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of the shares of U.S. based Zetron, Inc., currently a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD), and a global leader in integrated mission critical communications technology. The agreement was announced in required regulatory filings upon final approval by the respective boards of Codan and JVCKENWOOD.

The acquisition is expected to close by April 30, 2021. Further details on the acquisition and subsequent integration plans will be made available after the transaction closes.

Widely recognized as a leader in quality, interoperability and customer service in mission critical communications, Zetron recently celebrated 40 years in business. The company maintains a comprehensive portfolio of communications solutions that are relied on daily to serve hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Founded in 1980, Zetron’s solutions are now used at over 40,000 critical communications console positions in more than 100 countries, and on all seven continents. Customers range from single position rural emergency communications centers, to large metropolitan agencies and commercial command and control centers serving millions of people in public safety, transportation, utilities, healthcare, education, and other critical communications markets.

“Today’s announcement provides insight into an exciting new chapter for Zetron’s employees, customers, and partners,” said Brent Dippie, President and CEO of Zetron. “Codan is well-recognized in the industry for sharing a similar set of values as those of Zetron, with an unwavering commitment to delivering quality, interoperability, reliability and customer-centricity. There are synergies and limited overlap across our respective solutions, markets, and resources, so the impending transaction presents compelling future opportunities.”

About Zetron, Inc.

Zetron has been a trusted provider of mission critical communications systems since 1980. It is ALL we do. With a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions, including integrated next generation call taking, dispatch, CAD, mapping, fire station alerting, logging/reporting systems and more, Zetron is relied on by communications centres in public safety, transportation, utilities, healthcare, and other markets on all seven continents of the world. Zetron’s relentless pursuit of quality, durability and interoperability has made it one of the most enduring and consistently trusted brands in mission critical communications for 40 years. Our solutions are backed by world class technical support, training, project management and professional services, as well as a global network of highly capable partners and system integrators dedicated to exceeding the unique needs of Zetron customers. Zetron is a wholly owned subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD Corporation. For more information, visit: