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Zetron’s DCS-5020 Energizes Seoul, South Korea

Samchully City Gas in Seoul, South Korea, recently installed Zetron’s DCS-5020 Digital Console System with the help of communications equipment provider, Hanswell, also of Seoul. The solution is providing Samchully with the updated technology and functionality they need to manage their extensive operations.

To call Seoul, South Korea, a “megacity” is an understatement. It’s the world’s second largest metropolitan area, and has a population of 25.6 million people. More than half of South Korea’s residents live in Seoul.

Samchully City Gas

Samchully City Gas is the natural-gas distribution company that serves the greater city of Seoul. Samchully not only supplies liquefied natural gas to residential and commercial customers throughout the city, but it also provides the gas that fuels the city’s steam-supply and power-generation systems, fuel cells, cold- and warm-water supply systems, and even city buses.

Centralized communications

With five thousand employees and an annual revenue of approximately USD 2.33 billion, the scope and complexity of Samchully’s operations reflect the scale of the city it serves. That’s why Samchully relies on a centralized communication system to coordinate, control and manage its operations.

The need to update

Prior to 2012, Samchully was using remote desktop equipment for their operational communications. They had been using the equipment for many years, however, and it was beginning to fall behind in its ability to meet the company’s evolving needs. In addition, communications technology has advanced considerably in recent years. Company officials began to realize that their operations could benefit greatly from the improved functionality and additional features an updated, more comprehensive communications solution would offer. This included capabilities that would allow them to combine multiple devices and resources into a single system and provide a graphical user interface (GUI) to control them all. The situation became more pressing when the need arose for them to be able to utilize multiple iDEN devices on their system; their existing equipment could support only one such device.

Hanswell, Co., LTD.

Samchully began searching for a vendor to help them obtain, design and implement a new communications system based on current technology. After considering a number of proposals, they awarded the project to telecommunications provider, Hanswell.

Based in Seoul, Hanswell provides two-way radio equipment and Radio-over-IP (RoIP), dispatch and intercom systems to public- and private-sector clients throughout South Korea and Asia.
Hanswell V.P., Sebastian Beck, explains some of the most critical factors that contributed to Hanswell being chosen for the project. “Not only have we had a long-standing, positive and successful business relationship with Samchully over the years,” says Beck, “but our proposal was based on Zetron’s DCS-5020 Digital Console System. The DCS-5020 would be able to provide the centralized, updated, and improved functionality Samchully was looking for and would more than fulfill their requirements of the project.”

Localization and local support

Zetron was a natural choice for the project for other reasons as well. For the past seven years, Zetron’s Australasia office in Brisbane and its North Asian-based territory manager have worked together to support Hanswell’s business-development efforts throughout South Korea. Zetron has also responded to local market requirements by engineering its key dispatch products so they can easily be “localized” into the language of local users—in this case, Korean. This combination of easy localization and local support has been a key ingredient of Zetron’s success throughout the non-English speaking countries of Asia. And it contributed significantly to the decision to use Zetron equipment for the Samchully project.

Easy to learn and use

The solution for Samchully consisted of three positions of Zetron’s DCS-5020, ten iDEN ports, three PBX lines, and twelve hotlines. The equipment was installed in Samchully’s command center in a process that Beck says was completed smoothly and easily.

Once the new solution had been installed and thoroughly tested, Hanswell trained Samchully’s 12 operators on the best and most effective ways to use it for their purposes. Their training and transition to the new system went more quickly than anyone had expected, thanks in part to the system’s intuitive operation.

“Because the DCS-5020 is so easy to learn and use,” says Beck, “the operators caught onto it readily. In fact, many of them found that, once they got used to the system, they were able to appreciate more and more the extent to which it simplified their tasks and helped them function more efficiently. That’s in large part due to the fact that the DCS-5020 allows them to control everything from the console. They’re able to attend to their command-and-control tasks and operations without having to focus on the equipment itself.”

Intuitive operation, support for Korean

Beck says that the customer is extremely pleased with their new equipment. “They particularly like the system’s high-quality audio and flexible, easy-to-use graphical user interface,” he says. “They also like its intuitive operation, Web and closed-circuit TV integration, and its ability to integrate and connect radios and other communication lines and resources, such as PSTN phone lines, to their radios. Its support for Korean is also a real plus.”

Samchully also has praise for Hanswell’s handling of the installation. “We are happy with both the process and the outcomes of the project,” says a representative from Samchully. “Hanswell was very knowledgeable and professional in their handling of the entire project, from start to finish. And the Zetron solution is exactly what we need to meet our operational goals and requirements. ”

Success breeds success

Although the installation at Samchully’s command center has been completed, this is not the end of the story for Hanswell.

“Thanks to the success of this project, and because the features of the DCS-5020 meet the requirements of the Korean National Emergency Management Agency [NEMA],” says Beck, “we are currently in the process of reviewing second and third projects that will also involve the DCS-5020.”

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