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Town of Scituate Expands with Fire Station Alerting System

Combining a State-of-the-Art Public Safety Complex with Zetron’s MAX Dispatch Consoles.

On the South Shore of Massachusetts, midway between Boston and Plymouth, the small town of Scituate falls victim to dangerous and damaging storms on a regular basis. And since 1959, the Scituate police and fire stations have served the nearly 18,000 residents well.

However, time marches on and having to operate out of separate dispatch centers presented several challenges for a department hoping to modernize. Although the police station was structurally sound, it lacked some basic features like storage space and central air conditioning and sprinklers. The more pressing issues were inadequate workspaces and security for personnel records. The Town of Scituate had a decision to make to alleviate these issues and decided a consolidated dispatch center was the path forward.

With plans in place for the combined safety complex, the police and fire departments were eager to finally be operating out of the same building. But there was still one glaring omission, an IP Fire Station Alerting (IP FSA) system. And with little to no room in the budget, it was time for Delvis Javier, technical supervisor at AllComm Technologies to get creative. What started with a Zetron MAX Dispatch console originally installed to support dispatch operations three years ago, Javier expanded it to provide IP-based fire station alerting.

Creativity & Development

“Despite the challenge, we were eager to help solve this seemingly impossible task”, said Javier. But with the Public Safety Complex nearing completion and the go-live date inching closer, what looked like smooth sailing quickly turned into an unpredictable storm, baring resemblance to what they regularly experience. Only this one wasn’t caused by Mother Nature. Javier was booked the entire month of April, as he is every year, helping the Boston Athletic Association setup the communications for the Boston Marathon.

Despite the hard deadline at the end of April due to a NG 9-1-1 PSAP upgrade in progress, Javier was determined to make it work.

“It speaks volumes to the MAX Dispatch consoles flexibility and ability to interface with just about anything, Javier said. They were already familiar with the Zetron name and their reputation in fire dispatch systems, we were confident it would meet all their needs.

Under one roof

After countless days and long nights, the nearly 28,000-square-foot public safety complex was complete and for the first time in history, the town’s police and fire dispatchers were operating under the same roof. But not just any roof, a state-of-the-art facility nearly 10 years in the making. Featuring everything from a new PA system, environmental controls and lighting, to the 4 state-of-theart MAX Dispatch consoles controlling 20 channels and supporting 3 fire stations, everything was in place to go live the first week of April. Javier was also able to mimic the Zetron IP FSA Model 6203 alert tones they wanted. “Everything is working really well with the combined dispatch and fire station alerting solution, said Javier. The dispatchers have a good grasp on things and are able to perform multiple runs a day.”

Unwavering commitment

The final piece of the puzzle was redundancy. A critical part of any dispatch system, there’s simply no room for downtime. Javier was able to utilize the fixed station recovery pair capability available with MAX Dispatch and have a channel on the console automatically switch to a backup radio when necessary. And to make things even easier, with just a single button selection, the dispatcher will have access to the backup channel tile to access the radio. Thanks to Javier’s unwavering commitment, creative thinking, and Zetron’s MAX Dispatch consoles, the town of Scituate is prepared to handle almost anything Mother Nature throws at it.

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