Bid Spec Boilerplate for P25 Consoles with CSSI

The offered Console SubSystem (CSS) shall support the open-standard P25 Console SubSystem Interface (CSSI) as defined in the published Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) document, 102.BACA-B. The offered CSS shall include all necessary hardware and software components and software licenses to enable the use of the CSSI without any additional or future cost to <the agency> beyond the price offered in the vendor’s bid response. The CSS vendor shall submit proof of their compliance to the published ISSI Interoperability Test Procedure, TIA document 102.CACB-B.  The CSS vendor shall also submit proof of prior successful testing with the specific P25 Trunked RF SubSystem (RFSS) and RFSS system version <vendor name/system name/release version> that <the agency> will have in place at the time of installation.
The offered CSS and CSSI shall initially support the following P25 Trunked features as defined in the referenced sections of the Project 25 Statement of Requirements (SOR) dated December 11, 2013:

  • Group Calls (SOR,
  • Announcement Group Call (SOR
  • Unit-to-Unit Calls (SOR,
  • Emergency Calls (SOR,
  • Dispatcher Interrupt (SOR
  • AES/DES Encryption; Coded and Clear (SOR
  • Unit ID Display (SOR,
  • Encryption Mode Display (SOR
  • Selective Call
  • Outgoing Call Alert (SOR
  • Incoming Emergency Alert (SOR,
  • System Wide Call (SOR
  • Broadcast Call (SOR
  • Call Priority (SOR
  • Outgoing Radio Check (SOR
  • Outgoing Radio Monitor (SOR
  • Outgoing Radio Inhibit (SOR
  • Discreet Listening (of Unit-to-Unit calls) (SOR
  • Outgoing Status Query and Incoming Status Update
  • Text Messages (SOR
  • Location Services (SOR 3.3.6)

The offered CSS and CSSI shall also support the following future P25 features at such time as the P25 Trunked RF SubSystem (RFSS) hosting the CSSI has been upgraded to support these capabilities over its CSSI.

  • Dynamic Regrouping (SOR
  • Discrete Listening (SOR

Both sets of features shall be supported for P25 <choose the one needed: Phase 1 (FDMA with full rate AMBE vocoder), or Phase 2 (TDMA, with half rate AMBE vocoder)>. Offerings which only support the older IMBE vocoder will not be accepted.
To avoid ambiguity in terminology, the vendor shall submit a description of the functionality of the above P25 features as implemented in the offered CSS/CSSI. The vendor shall also describe other P25 features supported by their open-standard CSSI implementation (that are not listed above).