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Building the Case to Upgrade Emergency Communications Center

Estimated reading time: 14 minute(s)

Garbled transmissions, dropped calls, frozen computer screens, and an operations center that is dated and not keeping up with the times. If your PSAP is displaying any of these symptoms – it may be time for an upgrade.…

What is NG9-1-1 and Why is it Important?

Estimated reading time: 14 minute(s)

“911…What’s your Emergency?” “I’ve been in an auto accident. My face is cut and my leg hurts really badly.” “Stay on the line, please. I show your location on South Broadway between South Park and the Northridge Recreation Center.…

2019 Conferences and Events: Where to See Zetron

Estimated reading time: 4 minute(s)

As we approach the end of 2019, don’t miss the opportunity to meet with us at any one of our remaining conferences and events! Stop by our booths as we showcase the latest mission critical technology.…

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