Day in the Life: Mike Weaver

Day in the Life: Mike Weaver

Zetron is honored to work with mission critical communications professionals across a wide array of applications and industries. Our daily interactions with these extraordinary individuals inspired us to launch our Day in the Life blog series. The series gives us a chance to talk with some amazing people and share Q&As, stories, anecdotes and whatever else they’re willing to share to give us and our blog subscribers an inside look at the many roles and facets of critical communications. Our objective is simply to share different perspectives, proliferate learning, inspire collaboration and to celebrate exceptional, often unsung, people, teams and organizations who are making a big difference in their day-to-day.

For this edition of Day in the Life, we had the opportunity to talk with Mike Weaver who is the director for Lancaster County-Wide Communications. Mike talks to us about his role, how his team operates and how important their work is.

Mike Weaver
Director, Lancaster County-Wide Communications
Pennsylvania, USA

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