Tau Shereni

Vice President, Global Finance and Strategy

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Tau is Zetron’s Vice President, Global Finance & Strategy. After successfully leading the Codan Group’s Corporate Development function since 2020, he assumed his Zetron role in 2022. He leads organic and inorganic growth initiatives and drives operational efficiencies through value adding finance business partnering. He has overall responsibility for financial reporting, incubating new businesses, M&A and integrating acquired companies.

Prior to joining Codan and Zetron, Tau had a successful career in leadership roles with KPMG and Deloitte with extensive international experience acquired on four different continents in Investment Banking, M&A, management consulting and business development roles.

In addition to his Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Finance, Tau holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the University of Derby, UK.

Growing up, Tau was inspired by stories of lives saved on the dinner table from his father’s work as a first responder (Paramedic) and his mother’s work as an emergency department Nurse. “Zetron gives me a platform to, in my own way, continue our family tradition of working in roles that help save lives.”

Tau is a student of history and leadership, spending a lot of his spare time reading and watching biographies of great leaders in society, business and sports. He is an ardent fan and semi-retired player of several sports including soccer and tennis and is a passionate Arsenal FC supporter.